Modal Scarf Full Fathom by Terry Fan Terry Fan UPU64SFc

Modal Scarf - Full Fathom by Terry Fan Terry Fan UPU64SFc
Modal Scarf - Full Fathom by Terry Fan Terry Fan
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(1-Month, Tier A Only)
Start living your circus dreams! For just $39, try 3 of our entry-level Tier A classes, including Handstand, Acro, Aerial, Stretching, and more.
(Want to try Flying Trapeze, Trampoline, and/or Cyr Wheel, too? Check out our All Access New Student Pack instead!)
New students only, all classes must be scheduled within one month of date of purchase.


"I’ve done Flying Trapeze, hand-balancing, teeterboard, trampoline, tumbling, and parkour. The Circus Center instructors are people you can learn anything from. They're smart, professional, calm, encouraging, and I trust them with my safety every week. These days we even perform together." - EJ



Xiaohong Weng started training in gymnastics at the age of 7, before he joined the famed Nanjing Acrobatics Troupe. He had 4 years of professional training in gymnastics and was a high level competitive gymnast in China. He joined the circus and learned many traditional Chinese acrobatics acts, such as Chinese Pole, Chair-balancing, Hoop Diving, Chinese Lion Dance, and Partner Hand-balancing. As a skilled tumbler and hand-balancer, Xiaohong has performed extensively in China, the USA, and internationally. For the last decade he has been a senior instructor at Circus Center. He currently performs with Jennings McCown in an elegant double hand-to-hand acrobatics act.

Intro to Acrobatics |Acrobatics 1 | Handstand 1


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ATMs are readily available, mostly near shopping and nightlife areas. Even villages usually have one or more ATMs near the local supermarket.

Dutch law requires that all service charges and taxes are included in the prices that hotels, bars and restaurants publish. Womens Nina Pashmina Green Army One Size smash SpSvc
is therefore not necessary, but it is always appreciated as a reward for good service and it's increasingly common. Especially in tourist areas and large hotels, increased tipping is not uncommon. Many Dutch customers will leave €1 or €2, also in bars and simple diners, unless service was poor. For good service in a restaurant, feel free to leave what you feel is appropriate. A 5-10% tip on a restaurant bill is considered a generous reward for good service.

Most shops open by 09:00 or 10.00 and they usually close around 18:00. Supermarkets and DIY-shops often have broader opening hours, opening around 8.30 and closing only at 20.00 or 22.00. Traditionally, most shops are closed on Sundays, or only open on a few Sundays a year (known as "koopzondagen"). Legislative changes have allowed municipalities to make their own decisions on the number of koopzondagen, or Sundays on which shops are allowed to open. As a result, most of the shops in the centres of large cities (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Maastricht etc.) are now open every Sunday , typically from 12:00 until 17:00 or 18:00. An increasing number of smaller cities, and especially the ones where tourism is a major economic factor, is following this trend. Unfortunately, the situation differs per location. Most smaller cities allow at least a supermarket to be open every Sunday, most have multiple Sunday openings per year, and some open every Sunday. Some smaller shops are closed on Monday mornings, or even close for an extra day in the week.

The Netherlands is a good place to buy flowers . Flower bulbs are most suited to bring home, and can be purchased at tourist shops, garden centres and DIY stores throughout the year. Keep in mind that bulbs and their planting times depend on seasons, and tulip bulbs are typically unavailable from late winter to late summer. Fresh flowers can be bought from florists, or pre-packaged in most supermarkets. Also bear in mind that although it is not a problem taking bulbs and flowers out of the country, you may be severely restricted in bringing them back to your own country.

The country is also famous for its wooden shoes (clogs). Nowadays almost no one, except for some farmers in the countryside and some fishermen in Volendam and Urk, wear them. Wearing wooden shoes in public outside the countryside will earn you quite a few strange looks from the locals. If you do try them on, the famous "wooden shoes" are surprisingly comfortable, and very useful in any rural setting. Think of them as all-terrain footwear; easy to put on for a walk in the garden, field or on a dirt road. If you live in a rural area at home, consider taking a pair of these with you if you can. Avoid the kitschy tourist shops at Schiphol and Amsterdam's Damrak, and instead look for a regular vendor which can usually be found in towns and villages in rural areas. The northern province of Friesland has a lot of stores selling wooden shoes, often adorned with the bright colors of the Frisian flag.

The likelihood of the Rockets, a 36.2% three-point shooting team, missing 26 threes in a row is .00084% or a 1 in 118757 chance.

— Eric Sidewater (@SixersScience)

The Rockets have always beaten the odds.

Minutes before tipoff…. GO ROCKETS!!!!

— Ted Cruz (@tedcruz)

We knew Ted Cruz had something to do with this!

The rockets were clearly distracted by NRA sellout Ted Cruz’s shining smile.

— Matt Deitsch (@MattxRed)

That smile blinded the 3-point shooters of the Rockets.

Houston Rockets Mitchell Ness 2018 NBA Playoffs Hardwood Classics Heart of Texas Hometown T-Shirt – Black

The Rockets in total missed 27 threes in a row before PJTucker finally made that one??? It's really a shame they're having to play this Game 7 without CP3 on the floor.

— Skip Bayless (@RealSkipBayless)

More often than not, the real reason why the Rockets went into an offensive funk. Then again, they have managed to do this in the thrid-quarter all series long.

James harden literally shot the warriors back in the game.

— Jay2thegreat (@Bongslaw211)

Let’s not forget about Trevor Ariza, who couldn’t hit the Gulf of Mexico even if he was standing on Seawall Boulevard.

David Aldridge interviewing the Rockets' 3-point shooters

— The Ringer (@ringer)

This tweet speaks for itself.

— Fred Katz (@FredKatz)

When PJ Tucker hit that 3-pointer to end the streak, all of Texas rejoiced.

The Celtics last night from three: 7/39The Rockets tonight from three: 6/39

— Justin Jett (@JustinJett_)

Next: Warriors finish off the Rockets in tight Game 7: 3 takeaways

Watching the Rockets offense was like watching Saw. In fact, they should make a Saw movie out of this horrific shooting performance by Houston.

D’Antoni: “Alright guys lets go out there in the second half and let’s hit these shots”


— GC (@gachorpenning)

The Rockets in the second half the last two games.

In the end, that shooting streak doomed the Rockets and they dropped Game 7 to Golden State 101-92. Just a few made shots and things could have been very different.

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