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, Super Bowl LII

By Michael Hurley , CBS Boston

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (CBS) — Save for a very tiny minority of players, job security does not exist in the NFL. At the position of running back, job security really does not exist.

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Not when you’re oft-injured and undersized, and when most personnel men only envision you as a third-down scatback. Not when you’re on the active roster for just three games in your rookie year after you were drafted in the fourth round. And not when you’re an underutilized back who is buried on the depth chart and contributes more on special teams than offense.

When you come from backgrounds like that, you tend to look out for yourself above all else. How could you not? Your livelihood depends on it, and if you don’t produce, your lifelong dream and be cut short in a hurry. But this year, the Patriots have something special working in their backfield.

They have Dion Lewis, who nearly quadrupled his career-high in rushing yards just in time for a big free-agent contract. They have James White, who signed a new deal after his historic Super Bowl performance and contributed consistently. And they have Rex Burkhead, who entered the season with four total touchdowns in his previous four NFL seasons before scoring eight touchdowns in just 10 games with New England.

It is a rare situation, one that cannot last for long. But for the time being, the chemistry is perfect in the running backs room.

Rex Burkhead (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

“It’s a healthy competition, for sure,” said Burkhead. “We know what our roles are and we understand that whenever our number gets called, we need to make plays. It’s not a selfish thing at all. We’re all very unselfish. It’s a very competitive backfield, but if any guy is making a play out there, scoring a touchdown, we’re the first there to congratulate each other.”

But the main thing about the exchange between Kudrin and Putin is the question it raises: why should political and economic cooperation with other countries necessarily “lead to ‘the selling off of sovereignty?’” In reality, no one is trying to take it away from Russia or to buy it as this exchange might suggest.

“If, however, “one understands under sovereignty only the right to do whatever one wants regardless of others, then it is extremely strange to constantly complain that ‘ the West is trying to contain Russia ,’” the paper says. “Even in ordinary life, if someone violates the accepted social order, people try to somehow stop him.”

Moreover, “if you consider sovereignty the strength of borders and state power, then the current policy of isolation and confrontation is making [Russia] weaker and thus strategically weakening [its] sovereignty.” Cooperation can be the basis for strengthening both, something that in words at least, Putin believes is “the highest value.”

Russians have held on to the Byzantine tradition even though they have passed through “at a minimum” four different states – the Moscow Principality, the Russian Empire, the USSR and “now post-Soviet Russia.” They do not appear to have reflected on what that means or on the fact that “Byzantium is not the most successful” of models.

“In the end,” the editors say, “in large measure thanks to its ‘ Byzantine policy ,’ it lost sovereignty” and its capital became a city in Turkey. And that happened, they continue, because the Byzantine rulers remained too suspicious of the traders and merchants who could have built up and defended the state.

Many Byzantine survivals attract visitors – the icons, the churches, and the pompous ceremonies – but none of them offers any guarantees. When Putin sat on what he thought was the Byzantine throne, he forgot that in 2012 Statement Clutch Abstracts by VIDA VIDA ufSWSm8J
had done the same – and now Ukraine is fighting “a real war for the preservation of its sovereignty in the most literal sense.”

in 2012 Viktor Yanukovych had done the same – and now Ukraine is fighting “a real war for the preservation of its sovereignty in the most literal sense.”


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Both supporters and critics of the Putin regime often say his regime lacks an ideology – Aleksandr Podrabinek is only the latest – but in fact, Irina Pavlova says, it does: “traditional Russian great powerness (velikoderzhaviye), cleansed of communism and dressed up in Orthodox clothing.” Not only should this be…

2017/05/12 - 12:06

In "Analysis Opinion"

Are there “independent” media in Russia and why would Putin need them?

One of the Western diplomatic offices in Moscow invited Russian and foreign journalists for a meeting to discuss whether unbiased reporting by Russian media was a reality or myth. The usual things were said at the meeting, that is, despite a certain change for worse with media freedom in Russia,…

2017/06/07 - 23:12

In "Analysis Opinion"

Ana ring Metallic Aur nMwOKBNLlx

Russian actions in Crimea and the Donbas “have weakened Russian arguments about the change of power in Kyiv” at the time of the Maidan and thus cost Moscow support in European and other Western capitals, according to a lead article in “Nezavisimaya gazeta” today. In his interview with “Corriere della…

2015/06/10 - 01:46

In "Analysis Opinion"

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, Russian history , , Yanukovych

Nevertheless, you are far more likely to be killed in a traffic accident or due to a tropical disease than in some random terrorist attack in Indonesia, so while you should be prudent, there is no need to be paranoid.

Visitors are greeted with cheery "Death to Drug Traffickers" signs at airports and offenders have received long jail terms for simple possession. In a high profile case, nine Australian heroin traffickers (known as the "Bali 9") were caught and two of them were executed while the other seven remain in prison. Other foreigners have already been executed for drug trafficking— but drugs are still widely available.

The most common is marijuana (known as ganja , gele or cimeng ), which is not only sold to tourists but is used as food in some parts of the country, notably . At some popular destinations, such as Beach, you may be offered drugs for sale repeatedly.

Hard drugs are common in the nightlife scene, especially in Belat Womens Bag Sansibar ks7HUmXuJ
and , but also elsewhere. Ecstasy, cocaine and crystal methamphetamine are widely available and dealt with equally harshly by the Indonesian police.

Magic mushrooms are advertised openly in parts of and Lombok and although the Indonesian legal position on these is unclear, purchase and consumption is unwise.

It's highly advisable to steer well clear, as entrapment and drug busts are common and you really, really don't want to get involved with the Indonesian justice system; thanks to the anti-corruption drive, you cannot count on being able to bribe your way out anymore and escape a harsh or even far worse sentence. You're better off going to Amsterdam if you want to get high.

Tsunami memorial in Aceh

Indonesia is a chain of highly volcanic islands sprinkled along the Ring of Fire, so ACCESSORIES Hats Calvin Klein 7uaUXyk
occur often and tsunamis and volcano eruptions are all too common. On 26 December 2004, a 9.2 magnitude earthquake shook the coast of , sending tsunami waves up to 30 metres high across the Indian Ocean. Hundreds of thousands perished and many more were displaced. Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta spews ash nearly every year or so. In some years, the ash can reach far into the Yogyakarta city and deadly hot smoke cascades down into the villages, as happened in 2010. Most of the country is, unfortunately, prone to these kinds of disasters, with the exception of Sumatra's east coast, Java's north coast, Kalimantan, southern Sulawesi, and southern Papua.

Realistically, there is little you can do to avoid these risks. You need to brace yourself in the event of an earthquake. But volcanoes, unlike earthquakes, are much more predictable. The local media authority usually has good warning of how active the volcano is and will be. Steer clear of the areas around the volcano and change your travel plans if the situation is imminent.

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